Well here is my first article about Orlando, Fl. This will be an intro to many articles about the city.

I absolutely love this town. Yes its cheesy and full of tourist’s but Its got a charm and there is just something about it that I cant put my finger on. I have only lived in Florida for 4 years now and I have visited Orlando many many times. I guess I can attribute my love affair with the city to the fact that I never was able to visit when I was a child. My parents did ok financially but we just never seemed to visit Florida as a vacation spot. In fact my wife is the first person ever to talk me into visiting the sunshine state. We now live here in Clearwater, Fl and I dont think we will ever leave.

Ok, I got off track a bit. Orlando is a fantastic city to visit whether on business or pleasure. The city has great restaurants, great nightlife, great shopping and of course great entertainment. Not to mention that Orlando sits smack dab in the middle of the state on the I-4 corridor. This means that you can day trip to either the space coast or head west to Tampa. Each way is less than 1 1/2 hours by car.

If you plan on visiting for a day or two then I suggest you check out all the major websites. DisneyWorld.com, UniversalStudios.com and SeaWorld.com. This will get you started if you are visiting the parks. If you are interested in shopping then I suggest a visit to OrlandoInfo.com Here you can get the locations and opening times of all the local shopping areas. Here’s a tip, make sure you visit the outlet mall. This isn’t your normal outlet mall but a high end designer outlet with all the top brand names.

Dining? Well Orlando has that covered too. Check out CitySearch.com and search Orlando restaurants. My personal favorite is Emeril’s at Citywalk in Universal Studios. You dont need a them park ticket to eat here. Well thats enough for now I will post a more lengthy review on each area in the future.

The Travel Guy


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