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Renting a Cabana in Vegas

So you want to feel like a high roller and have cabana boys or cabana girls wait on your every whim? Well you’ve come to the right city. This is Vegas baby and you can have anything you want…..for the right price of course!

I am not gonna get into specifics on what each hotel offers and the such.  You can visit this site Vegas Pools. This is one of many sites I checked out before booking a cabana. If your booking a hotel and the pool is a definite deal breaker….and it should be, then check this site out. It has 360 degree panorama of all the major pools. Also check out the website of your hotel to see if they offer any other views or pics. When I booked my cabana I basically was between two hotels….the MGM Grand and the Excalibur. Now I know you cant compare the two. Its like comparing a Lexus to a Ford focus but I was on a budget at the time so I chose the Excalibur because the tower rooms were nice and the cabana was priced right at 150 dollars a day on a Saturday! Compare that to MGM on a Saturday and your looking at about 400 to 500 dollars for the day depending on demand.

Now there isn’t much info out there when it comes to picking a cabana. So hopefully my advice helps. I suggest you gauge your party power. What is party power? Well if you young and in your twenties or early thirties and you want to get crazy and mingle with the wannabees and beautiful people and your willing to shell out the bucks then check out the hottest pools first; Hard Rock, MGM, Wynn, Mandalay Bay and Caesars. These pools offer the very best in amenities and service but at a cost. These cabanas can run any where from 400 hundred to 1500 a day. Tip and extras are not included. You can get a cheaper rate during off season and on weekdays.

If you are on the budget side and still want to have the luxury of a cabana then you should check out some of the less popular pools. I chose the pool at Excalibur. The pool is not the prettiest but it offers everything that the other guys do but at a fraction of the price. The amenities are not the top of the line but you get a nice cabana with fully stocked fridge …no alcohol of course but you get a 42″ plasma. The waitress service was average at best. You can certainly change the attitude of your server or host if you tip accordingly. More on that later.

So you have secured your cabana. Now what? What you dont know is that you can be bumped at any moment or on the very day that you reserved. It all depends on demand. You could be bumped and not even know it. So I suggest that you check on the day before your reservation with the front desk and on the morning of your reservation. You never know if you were bumped for Paris Hilton or some other obnoxious overpaid celebrity.

Now that you have your cabana , you need to understand the cabana etiquette. Everyone in the service industry is expecting a tip. Including the Host , who initially sets you up and your waitress for the day. I usually tip the host a twenty if I am at a budget pool and up to 50 dollars if I am at the Wynn. I usually tip the waitress 50 bucks up front then more at the end of the day. It all depends on how much she served my friends and I and how inappropriate we behaved:).

Just use this as a guide and you will be just fine.